ADAS is here to STAY

ADAS is here to STAYIn the ever changing world of technology, the vehicles of today have become a rolling computer centers. Vehicles that monitor traffic all around you, optimizes cruise control, and warn you if you sway outside your lane and over into another lane. Advanced Driver - Assistant System (ADAS) is an electronic system that assists drivers in driving and parking functions. ADAS increases car and road safety through a safe human-machine interface. Traffic has never been busier and drivers are more stressed than ever. Driving on today's roads is at an all time risk.

Flo doesn't have a clue!

To have any insurance company try to force a shop to repair a hood that is damaged this severely should be considered a crime! To often insurance guesstimators, do just that, they guess! Improper repair techniques are forced on shops every day. A good shop will stand up to the insurance company's poorly written guesstimate and do what is best for their customer.

Insurance companies hire and train guesstimators to save the company money. The majority of the guesstimators have absolutely NO experience and that is the way the insurance company wants it. They  can train these new guesstimators the way they want.  They do NOT have the customer's best interest at heart, and will use every trick in the book to cheat the customer out of a proper repair and save themselves thousands! Research your body shops before making a decision on who is going to repair your vehicle, this may be one of the most important decisions you ever make!